Son Shine

The Son Shine class is a unique ministry designed specificaly for mentally and physically handicapped adults. The vision and purpose for this ministry is that its members would know Jesus Christ, excepting Him as Lord and Savior, and then finding His purpose for their lives. 

Who We Are

Currently, we are a class of 7 mentally handicapped adults that enjoy one another and love to learn about Jesus. While our main focus and purpose is Christ, we keep things fun and active by having contests, going on field trips, and having parties. During our class time we sing and pray with one another as well as read the Word of God and even memorize scripture. Our students love to get involved in our devotion time by discussing the different life applications found in the Word. Our passion is to grow in the Lord, find our place in the church and our every day life, to reach others for Christ, especially those who are handicapped in our community.